OYSTER BOY was built in 1943 by Frank Curtis of Looe as a Naval Pinnace for the Admiralty. She is of carvel construction, has a larch hull on steamed oak frames and a Gardner 4LW diesel engine. The vessel was first registered as a private motor yacht in 1957 at Birdham Pool, Chichester Harbour. [...]

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Built in Castleford in 1930 by Cliff and Jones. At the time of Dunkirk she was owned by M.V.Lazarus and spent 3 days under fierce air attack ferrying troops from East Beach. Lazy Days will be at Harbour Marine Services throughout the winter having a major refit to make her seaworthy again. Extensive [...]

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Our latest project is an extensive refit of this southerly 135 owned by Mr and Mrs Kennedy. The purpose of the refit is to prepare her for the next 35 years. Below will be progress photos of the dismantling and then the rebuilding of Okura. [...]

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Bow thruster on Nicholson 39

A few years ago I spotted a scalloped bow thruster tube on a Southerly and thought, yeah that’s looks like a good idea. I could see there would be a reduction in drag compared with the usual eyebrow and probably noise whilst sailing as well, especially when heeled. So along came an opportunity to [...]

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Holding tank on Oyster 406

The installation of a holding tank into a cupboard on an Oyster 406   Based at Southwold on the East Coast we generally have two choices when we leave the harbour. Turn right or head straight across. (us locals try and avoid turning left!) Heading straight across means that in [...]

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