Built in Castleford in 1930 by Cliff and Jones. At the time of Dunkirk she was owned by M.V.Lazarus and spent 3 days under fierce air attack ferrying troops from East Beach. Lazy Days will be at Harbour Marine Services throughout the winter having a major refit to make her seaworthy again. Extensive [...]

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Gralian is a 45ft Medina class Saunders Roe built in 1937. Jonathan and Helen Lewis bought her in 2010 as a long term live-aboard and were planning to set off to the Mediterranean , when they discovered she needed some work as she was leaking badly. Having been recommended to Harbour Marine Services they brought [...]

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Meredies is a 46ft Silver Leaf built in 1937 by JA Silver in Rosneath. Her owner, David Worthington, brought her to John Buckley when he bought her for a complete re-fit in 2010. All the metal deck fittings and the port lights had been painted white, so they were all taken off and regalvanised and [...]

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