Eastwind (Passport 40) – Progress

The area around the Caps/Inters chain-plate knee has been ground and sanded back to good laminate.

We’ve also cleaned and sanded the underside of the deck in this area and removed any old knee lamination.

When we started cleaning up the fwd face of the bulkhead we noticed that an area roughly 6″ high by 13″ wide, right at the top has rotted due to the chain-plate leaks.

A new section will have to be let in before we fit the spacer on the bulkhead.

The fan mounted on the saloon face of this bulkhead will need to be removed and possibly relocated.

I believe you are already aware of the rot to the berth support against the hull.
After cleaning up this area its obvious that this was caused by water draining down from the fwd lowers chain-plate.
At some stage an there has been an attempt to fill and repair this area but the rot has continued around and under the repair.
The best solution would be to replace this whole section.

The forward lower’s knee has been removed.
In the process we discovered that the area of laminate either side of the knee and below had de-laminated from the hull.
On further inspection it was also noted that water had got between these layers and during the process of removal a fair amount of water drained away.

The next couple of shots show the extent of the delamination.

The whole area of hull and under deck has now been thoroughly sanded and keyed ready to accept the new knees.
The actual hull laminate in the load bearing knee areas are in good order and there won’t be any need to reinforce or build up the laminate.

Pictured above is the fwd face of the port bulkhead.
The rotten section of bulkhead has been cut out and a new infill piece is in position, though at this stage not epoxied in yet.
Top left is a section on plastic trunking to guide the wires away from the deck / bulkhead and will protect the wires when we come to glass in the repair.
The inner blue tape shows the old line the chain-plate knee took.
The outer blue tape shows the proposed new position.

This photo shows the position of the chain-plate slots relative to the forward face of the bulkhead.
The distance from the bulkhead face to the aft slot is 35mm.

This little sketch shows our current thinking re the chain-plate solution.
The newly designed single chain-plate with a forked end that exits the deck, would be bolted through the packer and bulkhead.

From the saloon side the section of repaired bulkhead can be seen through where the fan mount used to be.
The proposal is the trim that will hide the counter sunk chain-plate bolts will also hide this hole.

Pictured above is the bulkhead, I hesitate to spacer as its a bit more than a spacer.
In position but not epoxy glues or glassed in as yet.

From this angle you can see it does not protrude into the sleeping area very much at all.
There will of course be some additional packing around the chain plate but this will be localised and again should not effect the space above the bunk.

I hope you like red…………..